Friday, May 8, 2009

drinking heavily between 8 and 10

Apparently my night time routine is sucking. I thought, so naively,that after I had made it through 'the cry it out' phase when she was 8 months old, that I had taken care of night time issues for good.
OH HELL NO. I was so mistakenly proud of myself back then....
I am now experiencing what I truly hope is a phase called, I own you and everything in my world.
My child is controling me and it is working. By the end of the day, I am so exhausted. I sooooooooo need a moment to sit and relax free from duties. I am weak Weak Weak Weak. The child fully takes advantage of this, making demands every two to five minutes from her room: " I want mama!", " I want to go to the potty", I want music, I don't want music, I want pooh bear, I want more dinner...
The dinner one gets me in the heart.
My child is going to sleep after nine thirty. This is awful - for her and for me. Help!
Do other people's kids go to bed more easily than this? If so, oh please tell me how!!!!!