Thursday, December 30, 2010

operation: run errands

Mission: to return a steam floor cleaner and purchase an SPF facial moisturizer with BHA

Mission must be planned strategically and then executed precisely else one or both tasks will not be achieved.

1) make sure it is neither too close to nap time nor too soon after waking. Must find the happy time which is somewhere in between.

2) tell child you are going to McDonalds

3) make sure purse is packed with distractions: doll, bandaids, iphone ( apps )

4) Hit Walmart due to McDonalds

5) go to McDonalds first and purchase fries as they take a while to consume.

6) While child is consuming fries, immediately head toward pharmacy isle. B line as time is ticking.

7) once there, ask a sales person to direct you to the correct facial product area so as not to waste time on location.

8) If sales person isn't there, move fast. Normally I would say ditch cart since maneuvering a cart in Walmart is time consuming. However, you have the steam vac on board so...

9) Do not attempt to compare prices. Grab the first brand that says, " SPF 30" and look for the ingredients. If the ingredients have BHA, Hot Damn - head to customer service

10) Return steam vac and buy SPF product. Look more carefully at the product once at home. If it's not what you need, plan another mission for return.

Note: Don't even think about perusing the ladies clothing or toy section. The kid is just one fry away from the Walmart Whine. Get your butt home and consider yourself accomplished for the day.