Monday, December 8, 2008

It seems this is going to be a space for me to complain.

I can't cope today. I cried in public. I became paralyzed while my two year old was screaming on the street saying she didn't want to go home. I was sooooo sad, not because of that incident but just everything, and so I just stood there until some woman came out of her town home and yelled agressively, " Is there a problem?"
I couldn't even get mad. I just snapped out of my paralysis and continued.

Friday, November 7, 2008

bitter mom. First post hahaha

I'm not comfortable with other mommies making this comment: " I'm basically a single mom too". I realize there are a few women out there who, although married, are in troubled marriages and rarely see their partners let alone share the responsibility of a child. However, I haven't met one of those yet but I have heard this annoying comment more than a few times.
I believe it's an attempt to commiserate with me but they don't have the right to commiserate with me. It simplifies the challenges of single parenting as if childcare is the only factor. It's not unusual that women do the majority of the childcare and, that alone, makes parenting INSANE but childcare is only one aspect of single parenting. How about dealing with issues like dishwasher breakdowns, car repairs, toy assembly. What about not being able to take out the garbage or leave the apt at all after your child is asleep. How about WORKING FULL TIME to pay the bills AND paying the bills. I am the only one who makes or buys dinner seven nights a week. I don't get a break. I don't have anyone to stay home while I go out and shop for myself or scrap book or Craft fair. There is no one to play puzzles with the toddler while I prepare a meal or clean a kitchen or take out the garbage. Nobody to help me deal with an unexpected pipe burst. I deal with it and I deal with the toddler at the SAME TIME.
I am usually not angry about being a single mom. In fact, my situation is better than many others and I don't often complain. However, this comment was made to me last night and - well - now it's the first entry in my Blog.