Monday, February 16, 2009

Is daycare making a scrapper out of my girl?

I was a little concerned at the first shove. My sweet daughter kind of bullying the neighbor's sweet daughter. I chalked it up to inability to communicate her needs effectively. Then she did it again. I internally freaked out. What the heck is going on? She is typically very kind, generous and empathetic.
The neighbor's child was younger... and not nearly as strong verbally which could have been a factor. Perhaps C was trying to say something that the other child didn't understand? I was about to take C out of the situation and home due to bad behaviour when another buddy dropped by. C's behavior got better. So we stayed. This buddy was one of her pals from school ( daycare ). I observed them and eventually, the other guy got aggressive with the innocent one as well. It was awful!
There was enough parental supervision that no one got hurt and they are only two years old so they are not exactly capable of severe bullying. Yet, it was disconcerting and made me wonder. Is my child becoming agressive and tough due to the fact she is in daycare?
There definitely seemed to be more of a scrapper in the one's who were in daycare compared to this innocent one that was a SAHK ( stay at home kid ). If anyone is inclined, my question to the universe is: Is there a difference behaviorly between SAHK's and daycare kids?

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