Tuesday, March 31, 2009

University kid.

Today after daycare p/u, C and I went for a walk to return some books to the library.

It was a sunny, crisp, windy day. We were bundled up. She with blankets and mittens riding in her stroller and me with my perma parka. ( life in the Great Wet/Cold North).

We went through the awesome campus with its amazing architecture and smell of study. We saw the remains of students at the end of the day. We went into the library and C said, "look mama There are lots of computers!".

While walking back home, I computed the obvious: my daughter is growing up at a University. She is becoming familiar with a University library, which is the gateway to knowledge, at two years old.

I wonder if she will recall these images as she grows and will she be inspired by it even though she is so young. Maybe she won't remember. Maybe she will!

I felt proud of myself for going back to school and bringing my daughter with me.

Then I realized, I don't think I brought her. I think she brought me.

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