Monday, July 6, 2009

two year old and a bottle?

I've been a bit concerned about still giving C a bottle of milk at night. She is, after all, almost three years old. Tonight I got a big CLUE when I said -as I usually do, " do you want a baba with milk tonight, C?" and she responded,
"sure! I'd love one."

I was embarrassed for myself.


Single Mom Seeking said...

Hilarious!! LOVE it!

I didn't wean until past age two... so I get i.

Rachel Tobin said...

Erin! I didn't have another way to contact you, but I wanted you to know that I have your blog featured today...the article link is

Erin said...

thanks for the comments! It's so nice to interact.

Thank you! Rachel...I tried to find a direct email for you but ( like you ) I couldn't find one so just want to say that you made my day. I plan to pay it forward.