Wednesday, August 5, 2009

all "little creatures" are the same right?

I really dislike the resident manager and his wife in my strata.

I guess I should say, we have different points of view.

They are kidless people who complain A LOT ( with notes under the door ) about toys on patios or.. " storage containers that are not neutral in color"

I've made my opposition known - angrily and awkwardly.

Tonight, while C and I were on a pajama walk, as we do, we crossed paths with this annoying couple out walking their two dogs.

First the man smiled and made some comment about the weather. Of course, I smiled in return thinking " oh ok we make peace today then?"

The wife then comes up behind.

Now at this point I must add to the story that two days ago, the wife saw me struggling to carry C home while C was in full blown kicking and screaming tantrum due to having to leave the park.

Back to today. The woman approaches all smiles and comments, "she's so sweet" nodding to my daughter. I respond, " yes.. a little sweeter than the last time you saw her"

To which she replies, " oh... I totally understand. All little creatures ( looks down to miniature dog) have their moments"




Tara said...

Hey, just found your blog from another site and really enjoyed this post! I'll have to come back when I get more time and check out your other posts :)

Melanie said...

How odd, and indicative of complete and utter incomprehension on her part, on many levels.

Erin said...

do you ever get these nuggets?comparing raising a kid to a owning a small poodle?
I know she was trying to make peace but I couldn't resist exploiting it for it's been done before.