Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rock it out now while you still can.

Today was a sureal, life lesson kind of day.
I was helping a family friend move her eighty two year old
mother who had been, up until today, living in the same house since she was married.
She Was a school teacher. She lost her husband years ago.
Her son ( our friend's brother ) had been living in the house the past few years and taking care of her.
He died.

Anyhow, our friend needed to go back to work, which is overseas, and somehow my mother and I ended up helping this woman move to a new 'assisted living' facility.

See? how did that happen? why us?
I don't know but somehow I find myself there today.

And it was CRAZY!

going thru her things and finding books, letters and photos from as far back as the 17 Century. ( stuff that had been passed on to her )
The toilet thingy
hanging out in the 'old folks home which is lovely, in a sort of creepy kind of way.
Her eyes...
Taking 35 minutes and three people to get her up off the floor after she had fallen down.

This is what I realized as a result:

I need to rock it out a little more. This body will only treat me well for so long.

So I've decided to make more of an effort to get out of the house! This means a concerted effort to seek babysitting and a social life and maybe even.... gasp - dating?

What about you gals? guys (?) Is there enough fun in your life or is the kid pretty much it?


Tara said...

Ever since I got divorced I decided to "rock it out". I'm livin the way I want to these days! I LOVE IT. Yes, sometimes it looks like I'm a total pary girl, but you know what, I'm having a good time and for the most part my life is under control! Go for it girl!!

Restless Mama said...

I'm just now thinking about dating again but am a little freaked out by the thought - especially with the guys that are on those dating sites....creeeepy or just plain weird.
Now is definitely the time to take some moments to yourself - be active and just live life to the fullest.
Oh and my 1st girls' night out...totally weird not having my son around. Didn't much care for it - perhaps I'll try again next week?