Monday, August 10, 2009


I survived.

Another one down.

I can now, after a full cup of hot coffee and silence for one hour, feel my body start to relax. My muscles are letting go of active duty.

Mondays are my break. Weekends are the push.

From Friday till Monday, it's full time interaction and vigilance with no respite.

someone to take her to the potty while I clean up the lunch; someone to make lunch while I build train tracks; someone to take turns going down the slide or lift her onto the climbing apparatus; someone to exchange glances with or to laugh with at her antics; Someone to take the lead in discipline when I've lost my mind ...

From the moment I open my eyes to see her excitedly staring down at me, till the moment I peak in and see that she is slumped into energy replenishing sleep, I am on active duty. Alone. Then it starts again the next day.

The best weekends are when I'm organized enough to have meals prepared in advance and a social schedule to meet.

The worst ones are when I have to make the meals amidst chaos, and we have no social engagements.

The summer is hard because many of our friends go on family holidays = no one to play with.

Weekends are when the married folk spend family time together = no one to play with.

The irony is in my Monday morning greetings with co workers/colleagues.

Oblivious Co worker: "Did you have a good weekend?"

Me: "yep."

Co worker: "they're never long enough are they?"

Me (cringing inside ) "nope."



Tara said...

I hear exactly what you're sayin! Except right now I have Fridays off, so starting Thursday night I'm stuck..... I was SOOOO happy to come back to work yesterday!!

Melanie said...

Oooh, I do recall a phase like that, where weekends were pure hell, something to be dreaded, something to recover from.

Now, things are better. There is hope in sight! Someday she'll let you sleep in. Someday she'll be able to assemble those train tracks herself. You'll see that she spends increasing lengths of time playing on her own.

Mondays are still recovery periods for me, but not quite as desperately as they were just a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Here ya. Never been one to be lonely, but weekends=lonely. Very odd for me.

c said...

Heck, yes. The days I am home with the kids with nowhere to be... are freaking tough. You'd think it ould be nice "family time" for us... But it's just work, work, work, and I feel like I am the least pleasant parent on those days. I'm so tired and lonely and bored that I snap more and have less patience. It's soooo much easier when we can company or something to do!

Nad said...

I look forward to reading your blog, to find out what to expect. I live in Maple ridge and have a 6 month old. I enjoy your blog. Thanks